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A Science of Breath & Meditation and Subtle Energy Channeling


What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is a science of breath and meditation that strengthens mind and body through the practice of controlled breathing. Focused yogic breathing quiets the mind and directs the flow of oxygen and prana through our entire body. Prana is the vital life force that sustains and awakens our subtle energy system. Once it’s activated, we can enjoy the practical and psychic benefits to body, mind and spirit.

What does the practice involve?

In Kriya Yoga, mental focus is placed on breath work. We concentrate on specific techniques called pranayama to draw oxygen and prana into the body, and regulate inhalation, exhalation and retention of breath. These techniques are taught in a sequence as a daily practice for optimal results. Furthermore, selective use of pranayama through- out the day can become a practical resource for calming your mind, reducing stress and revitalizing your body.

What are the benefits?

Kriya Yoga is an integrated approach to managing the imbalances of modern life. By engaging in the simple discipline of directing your thoughts and regulating your breathing patterns, you may begin to notice heightened awareness, new vitality, and a sense of well-being. Mentally, physically and spiritually, Kriya Yoga enriches your daily experience through:
  • focused mind
  • physical & psychic awareness
  • reduced stress & anxiety
  • balanced perspective
  • conscious living
  • A calm and focused mind replaces stressful thought with controlled attention. On the physical level, increased oxygen supports healthy organs that are less susceptible to disease. The brain responds positively to increased oxygen as well, producing an increase in clarity, concentration and memory.